Polyspectral MBC is a multiband compressor plugin for Audiokinetic's Wwise audio middleware. It has been carefully designed specifically for realtime mastering of a game's audio mix. It is available for download from Audiokinetic here.

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Use Cases

The Polyspectral MBC plugin can be placed anywhere in the signal chain in a Wwise project, and its settings can be used to bend it to many different ends.

  • Apply gentle, natural-sounding compression to the full game mix, to get a fuller, more detailed, more “glued” sound. Hear more of your music and ambience without sacrificing intelligibility of voice and sound effects.
  • Use it as a final-stage limiter. Ducking only the loudest parts of the content avoids unnatural changes in unrelated frequency bands.
  • Use it on an interactive music mix to achieve levels of polish and cohesion previously possible only in linear, nonintertactive music production.
  • Quickly adjust your EQ and dynamics to suit different platforms or different output devices. With minimal effort your work can be tailored for laptop or phone speakers, or for a world-class theater sound system.


  • Wide platform support. The plugin has been built to work in all modern game platforms—desktop, mobile, and console.
  • Flexible bus layout. All common speaker layouts, as well as Ambisonic formats, are supported transparently. LFE and Center channels can be excluded from processing if desired.
  • Low CPU usage. The signal processing algorithms used have been selected carefully and optimized for x86/x64 and ARM processor cores, for low overhead on every platform.
  • Negligible latency. The use of minimum-phase filters means the plugin can do its work without adding any noticeable delay to the output.
  • Elegant, responsive interface. With clear, intuitive parameter adjustment and a realtime spectral display, Polyspectral MBC sets a new interface standard for game audio plugins.
  • Sonically transparent. The compression algorithm was designed with mastering in mind. It is extremely transparent and will not give the mix any undesired color.

User's Manual

The Polyspectral MBC User's Manual can be viewed in a PDF format here.